Awards and Customer Recognition

  • STC employee Kimberly Bestul was awarded NASA Center Innovation Funds for her proposed idea for development of an advanced instrumentation suite, SonicSonde.
  • Mr. Geoffrey Ament was awarded NASA Ames Contractor of the Year award earlier this year. Mr. Ament worked on the STC NASA AEMMS Contract.
  • STC employees on various projects won Silver Achievement Medal, Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal and Exceptional Service Medal at NASA Langley Research Center.
  • Dr. Ryan Spackman, STC’s Research Scientist for NOAA ESRL Physical Sciences Division, was selected as NOAA Team Member of the Month for September 2015. For more information, please visit this link:
  • NASA Software of the Year – 2014: Awarded to STC team member Loc. C. Huynh together with NASA’s David Kinney (Code AA) for the development of the Configuration-Based Aerodynamics (CBAERO), a game-changing rapid engineering tool for accurate flight-proven designs
  • NASA Honor Award – 2014: Awarded to STC team members Dr. Christopher Brehm, Dr. Emre Sozer, and Dr. Moini-Yetka for their significant work on Space Launch Systems (SLS) Launch Buffering Problem
  • NASA Space Flight Awareness Program’s Silver Snoopy Award – 2013: Awarded to STC team member Alton Coffey
  • NASA Team Awards – 2012: Awarded to Dr. Robert E. Childs and Dr. Hamed S. Nejad
  • Utah Safety Council “Award of Merit” and “Perfect Record Award” – 2012: Awarded to Steve Freudenberger
  • NASA George M. Low Award Nomination – 2011 (LaRC EFS Contract)
  • NASA LaRC Small Business Subcontractor of the Year – 2011
  • Utah Safety Council Award of Merit 2011 & 2010: “In recognition and appreciation in the field of safety as measured by outstanding safety performance” (Tooele Lab Support Office)
  • Utah Safety Council Perfect Record Award 2011 & 2010: “In recognition of completing 48 (2011) and 36 (2010) consecutive months without incurring on OSHA recordable injury, illness, days away from work, or death” – 2010 and 2011 (Tooele Lab Support Office)