Who We Are

Founded in 1979, Science and Technology Corporation (STC) has been delivering an extensive range of award-winning advanced scientific, engineering, and technical support services to U.S. Government and Industry customers. Our proven expertise and experience span the areas of Aerospace Engineering, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Defense Range and Test, Defense Chemical and Biological Research, Electronic/Metal/Composite and Hardware Assembly and Fabrication, and Naval Architecture. We complement our support service offerings with a commitment to innovation and cutting-edge research work that brings unique and added value to our customers. A noteworthy example of that commitment is our successful joint development and launch into orbit of a nanosatellite in 2013.

With eight offices and about 250 employees, we are currently performing on 40+ contracts across a multitude of
US Government agencies, industry, and international organizations. Our ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI Level 2
certifications serve as a testimony to our top-down commitment to quality.

Our Capabilities

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Remote Sensing
  • DoD Range Support
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Chemical and Biological Detection, Protection and Demilitarization
  • Lab Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Scientific Data Management & Visualization
  • Metal/Composite Fabrication
  • Electronic Assemblies
  • Program Management
  • Administrative Services
  • Education and Training Services
  • Book, Report, and Graphics Publication


  • NASA Software of the Year – 2014: Awarded to STC team member Loc. C. Huynh together with NASA’s David Kinney (Code AA) for the development of the Configuration-Based Aerodynamics (CBAERO), a game-changing rapid engineering tool for accurate flight-proven designs
  • NASA Honor Award – 2014: Awarded to STC team members Dr. Christopher Brehm, Dr. Emre Sozer, and Dr. Moini-Yetka for their significant work on Space Launch Systems (SLS) Launch Buffering Problem
  • NASA George M. Low Award Nomination – 2011 (LaRC EFS Contract)
  • NASA LaRC Small Business Subcontractor of the Year – 2011
  • Utah Safety Council Award of Merit 2011 & 2010: “In recognition and appreciation in the field of safety as measured by outstanding safety performance” (Tooele Lab Support Office)