Founded in 1979, Science and Technology Corporation (STC) has been delivering an extensive range of award-winning advanced scientific, engineering, and technical support services to U.S. Government and Industry customers. Our proven expertise and experience span research, development, test, and evaluation in areas including aerospace engineering, earth and atmospheric sciences, chemical and biological defense, military systems and technology, and electronic assembly and hardware fabrication.

Our Customers

Since its founding, STC has been providing support services and innovative solutions to U.S. Government, Industry, and International organizations. Over the years, STC has also developed strong, thoughtful strategic and opportunity-specific relationships with a variety of industry, academic, and non-profit institutions.

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  • STC wins MCHFSS Contract (Read More)
  • STC wins NOAA ProTech Ocean and Weather Prime Contracts
  • STC wins ETSS at NASA Armstrong (Read More)
  • STC wins VLTD IDIQ at NASA Ames
  • STC wins subcontract for Development of Prototype Weather Sensor for the DoD (Read More)
  • STC awarded multiple subcontracts to support NOAA NextGen Satellite Systems (Read More)
  • STC was awarded an OASIS Small Business Pool 4 (NAICS code 541715) contract
  • STC wins Venus SBIR
  • STC was awarded a subcontract to study commercial weather data from GSPRO
  • STC awarded OFCM under ProTech Satellite

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  • STC employee Kimberly Bestul was awarded NASA Center Innovation Funds for her proposed idea for development of an advanced instrumentation suite, SonicSonde.
  • Mr. Geoffrey Ament was awarded NASA Ames Contractor of the Year award earlier this year. Mr. Ament worked on the STC NASA AEMMS Contract.

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